Just Stop

Thoughts break and whisper in my ears
Not my own, not always
Older eyes stare back each time I look in the mirror
No one is interested in me but me
The unaging mind that sits inside an aging body
Maybe in dreams I see my younger self
And now, I am stared at
Unflinchingly by a stranger
From few days ahead in the future.
I am not sure all people on the road are there
I believe at some point there will be
Copies and forms of thoughts
Your and mine
Out there. Time passes through us as needles
Pinching in some spaces, closing holes through knots
Skin is impermeable.
I haven’t seen my toes in long,
It is a long winter, gathering comfortably in my sweater and socks.
On round pills and liquid tonics, I float
In a sky, almost near the moon.
Maybe I will steal a rock and paint a moon and waves on it.
Or the birds that are needled to my skin.
There’s pain within, tearing my teeth apart.
A sickness that spreads to mind and bones and beyond.
Yet, we keep moving on
And I attend a meeting after the other-
Earphones in my ears.

Please, just stop.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Rainy Day

It is an almost rainy day.
The clouds are taking heavy sips from the ocean-
A hot bowl of pollution.
Autos are running a zigzag, thoughts are flowing in a pool.
A still cup of tea has gone cold.
The leaves are greener still, and my nails are painted pink.
Colors are bursting from the sky-
Water and grays are pouring down.
The soil is wet, plastics cling to wood and waves-
Of oceans, seas, and swimming pools
A still cup of tea, going colder.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Dates don’t make sense to me anymore.
Whether it is 3rd of June, or 14th of January
All seem synonymous to me.
Time as years and movement fails to funnel in my existence.
It is spread out wide.
As intangible as the sky.

It is the season of rain.
Clouds pour every now and then.
Not for more than a few minutes.
Now (right now) that is a unit I understand.
A few circles in a square clock.
Tic toc.

I remember to carry my umbrella (everyday).
A capitalist machine sits on my shoulders.
So I never experience rain, even if I hear it fall all around me.
Mountains and buildings drench.
Windows become pale mirrors.
Grey mirrors.

I don’t like wearing a watch.
If I don’t stare at my phone.
Time leaves me alone.
Trapped in other bodies.
Round clocks.
Tic toc.

I am free.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


These spaces between my fingers

Spaces within my thoughts

Fascinate me

They define one from another

Boundaries are essential

To mark ends and beginnings

To separate one from other.

Spheres of my many many realities

Crash and swerve

There seems to be no boundaries here

No laws that apply here;

Facets of spheres and edges on periods.

Stories that are true

Are false and unreal too.

Public spaces and private beings

Have boundaries too

But time? Does it have any?


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.