One and a half

I can live with half a heart

I feel

Lifting the other half

Into your trembling chest

One and a half heart

Beat in tandem


My half heart shivers in cold

Blood rushes in where I had once been whole

I bleed and bleed

Fingertips cold and blue

I kiss you goodbye

Warm jacket and a blanket

In my bag that will fly with me

Miles away.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Small Pockets

Sometimes I think,
Love comes in small pockets.
Small enough to hold buttons
Button brown eyes, lazy and playful.
Small enough to hold vials of honey
Honey words that have been whispered in between kisses.
Small enough to hold flowers
Yellow painted flowers and pink ones littered on the road.
Small enough to hold a few coins
Coins for a smoke, and a little cup of icecream.
Small enough to hold a few seconds,
Just for a while, as time pauses.
Hitched on a breath-
I reach for a little something
In your pocket
And in mine.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Sugar Cubes

There are sugar cubes sitting still.
Cubes with volume length X breadth X height.
Almost perfect in their being.
Machine manufactured.
At 4PM on a Friday,
I fold into myself. Two, four, sixteen times
All the chaos and untidiness
Neatly pressed to fit a
Sugar cube.

I sit patiently by a cup of tea.
Waiting to melt and become something beyond myself.
For these days. I can’t sit with myself.
Myself as a concept is corroding my mind.

If all the empty space is squeezed out of atoms, humanity will fit in a sugar cube.
Two sugar cubes side by side.
My humanity, and humanity.
Same length X breadth X height.

Tea is hot and my palms are cold around a single cup.
Twice a day, each day.
Like clockwork. A square space on a blank wall.
Machine manufactured.
Maybe being a machine will save my mind.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Butterflies dance around my head
A bonfire with the flames licking air
Delicious cookies melting at my fingertips
There is so much warmth in this night
Can you feel the love in my eyes
As I hide my gaze from the world
Just for you, I open up myself
As a whole
Dreams are exposed leaves to the sun
Growing, nurturing thoughts
Of a together.

But you are so far,
Come close
It will be worth,
I promise.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.