What am I?

I feel like a full balloon

Floating towards a blue sky

With a tiny tiny hole

Exhaling air more than I take in

I feel like a wet sand castle

I still am

But for how long?

I feel like an unformed cloud

In a clear sky

How will I collect myself from places I belong to?

I feel like an old cassette player

Stuck to a tune that doesn’t sound anymore

Just a dust collecting tool.

I feel like the half milky moon

There, yet not there

In this ever changing night sky.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Sometimes I feel

The very blood in my body is drying

But other times I feel fine

So fine that I think

And think about all the people in my life.

An odd collection of different facets

Marbled pieces with shiny surfaces.

An arm and inch between me and the world

Faces hover over my neck

Breaths of expectation on my heated skin.

We are going through the myriad of actions

Butterflies on my trembling fingers-

I kiss these pink beings with all my love

Even though sometimes I feel

The very love in me is drying.

But other times I feel fine.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Red brick

A sky trapped between

Two walls

A plant growing from a crack on

One wall

A paint layer peeling from

Two bricks

A name on

One brick

A brother, a sister and a lost childhood

A mother trapped in a word

Her name on a

Red brick of a

Red wall of a

Red building;

Red homes to chameleon beings.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


What’s been has been

I don’t hold much regrets

But sometimes I like to think

Years later, maybe we’ll meet

In a cold winter night

I’ll be with my friends

You’ll be with yours

And we will cross each other’s path

We recognise each other

And remember the past

But move on in our ways

With a smile,

Oh what a smile!

Then maybe we text

Exchange a hello

How have you been

I think you think

Wow, he looked good

Wow, she looked good

These years of separation have done us good

Now, even ahead in the future maybe we meet again

But this time a little more pleasant

A little less distant

Life doesn’t always give second chances

And we know better now.

So for now, it’s a goodbye

The time is not right

Soon, I hope to see you

I hope you see me

As we may be

As we may be.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Winter night

A cigarette that had just been kissed

Still lit

Lies on the cold asphalt floor

A day that has died

Spreads its blue lifeless body

On this cold ground

A yellow leaf

Shivering, cries under the foot

Of an excited child

A little fire burns somewhere

Beside which sits a caterpillar

On the lookout for Mr. Torkato

Who had promised him

A beautiful polaroid.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Half empty- Half full

I have crushed this yellow sun

And mixed it with a glass of sea.

Sip, sip, gulp

Sip, gulp, gulp

Half empty- half full

The waves stare at me

Pushing, with all their force

To break the definitions of the glass.

I have again started believing-

Believing in the inevitability of tomorrow.

Yes, I have even started believing again.

The moon is a mood spread across the city

Half empty- half full

She comes and goes- I wonder why

The indigo plastic waves become me, as they

Push with all their force

To break the definitions of me.

Maybe new places do that to you-

Transform, and break you.

Time is a trick of the mind.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Love is an elusive slippery

String that tangles and knots

In my fingers.

Sometimes it sorts itself out

Sometimes it cuts me and just

Sometimes I cut it off.

People who had a deposit of me

Feel empty and breakable and far too bleak.

New faces I have as mine

But I cannot go till the extent of making them only mine.

Love is an elusive and slippery thing

That does not sit in the cavity of my chest.

It spills through my eyes and sits on my sleeves

This envious eagle always peeks

Claws digging into my own two arms.

I love difficult but full and intense

I love easy, but it hurts as hell

The only love that feels secure

Safe and warm and pure

Sits miles away.

With my soul, giving and hands on my cold arms

I exist in a foreign land

Where love exists, but only in convenient times

And there is an intellectual and mechanical training of my mind.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Stitch by stitch

I’m sewing my blanket together

Combining materials and colours

Textures that feel right

Not too warm- not too cold

But something that is comfortable on my skin

My people and experiences form a shape

In this yellow blanket.

Stitch by stitch

I try to bring it together for myself

To sleep in at nights.

But for some reason, my sleep has gone

And I just noticed a tear in my blanket

Weeks of effort gone to waste-

It seems like a knife cut that saw no blood

Just a few stray threads and a broken heart.

But it is okay, I tell myself

Needle in hand, thread in another

I sew my blanket and bleeding heart

A sleepless night in the cold won’t kill me

But it will teach me a lot.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.