I get lost in the patterns of people
Eyes that I read
Bodies that breathe
Wandering meandering senses
Of wanting to be understood.
Minds and lips that never find
A connection, a need to know
Where does the depth to one end?
I dip my feet in the salty blue-grey
Skin pruning under the touch of clouds.
A feeling deep rooted
Branches through my eyes.
I wish, some understood
And some didn’t.
A feeling to be wanted
In a way that I want
By someone I want
Is alien to me.
Where does this need end?


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Sun On My Hands

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Isolation Isles

In dark oceans under changing skies
Swimming, exist Isolation Isles
Not found on maps
Or through directions of compass
These lands float on unnamed waters.
Barren- white sand that has never seen the sun
Under the glow of stars that burn.
A ragged doll sits beside a rock
Button eyes, button mouth
Matted wollen hair.
A childhood lost in the consciousness of grown years
These oceans have no meaning to the outside world-
Caged in a mind, the waves roll
In dreams- young eyes see the button holes
Of a beloved doll friend on Isolation Isle
The gone years had been so kind.


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What is time?


A mouth full of tea
Torn pages in front of me
Words on lovers and sons
An old tree with young red leaves.
A friend whose mind refuses to sleep
A friend who is disturbed, she thinks she is weak
A sister who is always in my head
A plant which is losing its leaves with regret
A boy who is forcing himself into my mind
A line which is forming into a drawing
In months, a life forms in a body like mine
Ten fingers, ten toes and a thousand cries
We grow, on pages, in words
And name this phenomenon
As ambiguous Time.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Perfecting art

I have perfected the art of isolation.

I sit by myself

Sleep by myself

Dream the dreams by myself

And walk all the steps by myself.

Maybe it would have been terrible

Maybe it could be toxic

But I like my company

And the Quiet that ever so often

Seeps into my wordless conversations.

I fill this tiny space of four walls

With everything that bursts of me

Telling my story- a cave of my mind

That people enter and leave.

My body speaks in a language you try to understand

My hands try to untangle my thoughts as I speak in front of a person or crowds.

Does anything ever last?

I don’t know.

But I’m perfecting the art of being me

And it makes me happy.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.