Feeling of Home

While walking on a green field
Under the pale moon,
I remember home.
The suffocating fullness of the incomprehensible love
Habits that have been formed with my limbs
People whose blood and illness I carry as well
A certain smile and care that will always tell me, it will be okay
I remember the walls that have seen me become
A hundred different Devikas before I froze, brick by brick.
All the fights and terror with which we passed each day
All that emotion that flowed thick in us.
The laughs and loose hair, chatter that will always comfort me in my sleep.
I have had the privilege of growing up among different mothers
And I am a daughter to all.

Miles away, my heart beats quickly
I miss not feeling like a pretense
Not being judged in a way that made me doubt my bricks
Not feeling like a burden or having my thoughts questioned
Because even they are a part of an illness that was passed down to me.

Why is home so far?
Why is the feeling of home so far?


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Ice cream

The sun is hard and hot on my skin

There, yet not there

A sip of cold syrup from

Ice cream between my lips

My tongue is the colour of

Pinks and artificial purples

My feet walk and walk

In maddening circles

Outside periphery of crowds.

My mind is a still ocean

Fishes and lives within its depth

Breathing air bubbles of all shapes and colours

Talking in binary codes and alphanumeric jokes.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Living Memory

A string of words from alien lips remind me of you
I held onto the threads with sticky, honey fingers.
I am wearing my heart on my sleeves
But there is no one to see.
Or hear, or breathe.
It is only the inside of me colouring this house mauve
Then a deep purple,
Then a night.
Moon has come whispering to the sky
A half strung sigh I steal from its lungs
And let it exit from mine.
We are sisters born from the same body, you see.
I lie parallel to some lines that I can’t see-
The human eye and floors above limit me.
But I imagine, as I always do
About horses flying, carrying the sun
From my end to you
They give you a kiss, and a cuddle, some snuggle
On a winter morning we have never spent apart.
(On a straight graph, your bed is parallel to mine
Even if we are some oceans and turtles apart)


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Love and Life

I bloom in love for a lot many-

Life is good, I realise.

Is there a limit to one’s capacity

To give love, and take it too?

For just giving is never the way,

Or just taking it, too.

There are friends-

Who understand thoughts better than mere words can explain

There is family-

Whose blood run in your veins and habits from years before dance in your system

Then, there are some people-

Whom you have loved more than you should have, or less than you should have

The scary what ifs always linger.

But, that’s life I guess.

Maybe there will be a someone

Whom I can give my dedicated love to

Or if there is no one-

A compromised love will have to do, I guess.

That’s life too- full of guesses and uncertain certainties.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.