Eloquent beaks of unsung tunes

Spine of feathers

Fine figures

Sleepy stars in

Warmth of blanket blue

A dream of possibilities

Sun of white and grey hues.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Mr X slept with a lot of stress
Crunching his nerves into ten.
Then, on waking he found
He had nothing at all.
No work that killed him daily
No wife that didn’t understand him completely
No children to disappoint or cry
No boss to tell him to straighten his tie.
There was no body
No fingers no bones
No hair no horns.
In that stillness
The darkness jammed his mind.
Filled every crevice and corner
Till there was no breathing space-
Because that body was no more like
You and I.
It was just a physical being
Unseeing, unfeeling, unfeeling.

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Two shoes

I gingerly lift my feet from my shoes
They’re red in colour, ragged looking
No one would buy it off me,
But it’s comfortable to me.
I walk the land of two spaces, bare
And I stare at your brown shoes
They have purple stains and a hole that is peeping from the toes.
I step into them, only to find them a little tight
Suffocating on my toes that have no breathing space,
Except for that cold spot from where the world outside peeks in.
I look at your bare feet beside your shoes,
I look at your bare eyes that look so tired, too.
We hug as our heels bleed, it’s a pain that grows on you.
I walk back to my own two shoes
And wear them gingerly back again.

Empathy is a process.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I stare and stare from the edge of the cliff
There is nothing to see
Nothing to hear
A line of sensibility we must cross
Without faith or fear.
On my toes I stand,
There is no place to hide.
A rising wave of this dark climbs
From rocks and dots to my tiny toes
A mask on my face, I plunge
Or fall, I don’t know.
Down and down I go.

There is a burst of light
Big and small
An eagle flying by my side,
Sharp and in control
Of it’s fearful flight.
My toes dip in water as I cause
A ripple effect in the sea-
I hear the cry of a whale from far away.
And suddenly I am not alone.
I choke, push my limbs to go up for air
A fish breathes in bubbles near me.
Everything is still, even my toes-
I cannot sense myself
As blue is smeared on the canvas of my life-
A colour I am trapped in.
I am a morsel to my mind
Hollow like the bones of an empty chamber


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Side by side

Mint breath on paper skins

Colours of regret and pain on

Faces that cannot hide love.

A soft rain falls and falls;

Sky cries on our shoulders.

We sit, side by side


In knots

Of reality and thoughts.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.



A broken plate and a broken dream
Sit on the glass table
With wooden legs.
A little girl with guilt burning in her chest
Head hung low,
Looks at the ant with its bread.
A mother, a brother
A disappointed painting of a grand mother
Look down at the girl and her neck.
This moment repeats in the head
Of a big little girl with her neck so straight
But eyes, they remain closed
To a world that is beyond the walls
Of a yellow house with brown doors and a blue hall.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Yellow and white

The sun is a big blob of butter
Melting into my house and on my fingers.
Streams of pure yellow and white come and pool
Creating waves and tides of lightness.
I don’t mind floating
I don’t mind drowning.
I wake up and brush my teeth
Have a buttered toast with white milk;
My being also feels light after eating light.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


What’s been has been

I don’t hold much regrets

But sometimes I like to think

Years later, maybe we’ll meet

In a cold winter night

I’ll be with my friends

You’ll be with yours

And we will cross each other’s path

We recognise each other

And remember the past

But move on in our ways

With a smile,

Oh what a smile!

Then maybe we text

Exchange a hello

How have you been

I think you think

Wow, he looked good

Wow, she looked good

These years of separation have done us good

Now, even ahead in the future maybe we meet again

But this time a little more pleasant

A little less distant

Life doesn’t always give second chances

And we know better now.

So for now, it’s a goodbye

The time is not right

Soon, I hope to see you

I hope you see me

As we may be

As we may be.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.