These silences are laden with meanings

These silences are not

Silent within me.

Words fail me as I become

A being who feels too much

In moments that mean

Nothing at all.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


A day is limitless in its depth.
I swim till the last end,
Only to not make it back up to the surface on time.
Some days, I spent countless hours in this dark space
I have learnt how to breathe in the waters.
Or not breathe at all.
Sometimes I struggle for the light.
But then I think, what is the point?

Suddenly, I feel warmth around me
Light breaks me into halves
Leaving me,
In the ocean. Waves have shapes I can see now
Current of the tide flowing in my light.
Sometimes, I get so blind in the dark
I forget about the strength and skill
That taught me how to swim.
Maybe, this is a different world
Maybe, the dark here has a different colour
But the light in me is still warm
And that is all that counts
For now.

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


With a half eaten apple
I begin each day.
A slice of dismay on my lips
A look of displeasure in my eyes.
A planet of oceans I have become
With no land, no island
A constant pour that rises in me
The water is brimming, with nowhere to overflow.
In dreams, I see people
So many people.
It is an ocean of faces I have forgotten
Time is forgotten.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.



Bulbs blink,
Fluttering lashes.
Filtering sunlight,
A tiny white rectangle.
People are people, then
Silhouettes of people.
Forms with shadows
And shadows themselves.
A mind with thoughts of existence itself.
Breaths so loud
Without the hum of the constant machine;
In out In out.
We suspend in the universe
For a second of time
Don’t talk just yet.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Thinking Crow

Blank beaded eyes look into the distance
Disturbing, its dark body flies above me
I feel the air from the movement
A light feather falling on my shoulder.
It focuses its blank stare at me
Kaw kaw kaw”
Calling in a tuneless monotone.
Bored, I sit and stare into space
Brown button eyes look into the distance.

The universe is vast, it has no limit
Upon a mountain sits a being
Ethereal, he smokes to bear the cold
In his mind exists existence-
A blue planet in a blue mind.
All being stretch and breath there-
Their physicality, their memories
Real to them, real to the world
But the world itself is neither flat nor round,
But a morsel of a thought.
The landscape of universe stretches beyond
A human can solve
This universe is limitless, because the mind is limitless
Imagination prevails above all.”

Kaw kaw kaw
The crow keeps chanting to me, like it is sharing the secret of the world
I keep thinking of the office meeting and my response to a question-
A silly question to me.
Do I believe in God?
I wonder if the crow thinks of God,
If it thinks at all.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Miss Flower tells me of her privilege
Showing off her freshly washed and winded leaves.
She has grown taller, is more green now.
A sign of healthy life among the dead outside.
Mumma tried to revive a dry branch by digging it into the same soil as Miss Flower.
The drier the branch became, beauty bestowed itself on Miss Flower.
I keep looking at the body of the tree that has fallen.
Its branches have been cut into and stolen.
I remember the time it stood tall and proud, laughing with me each time I looked at it.
Every year, when I went to the Community Pandal during Pujo
To pray to a Durga Maa that kept decreasing in size (Economy is shrinking too)
This tree would make me happy, and blow me a kiss.
An old friend, that the storm took away.
Miss Flower tells me about the million trees who didn’t survive
Her empathy is praise-worthy.
She is happy doing her bit.
She is liking this new sunshine now that the storm has passed.


This past one week has been awfully difficult. Dealing with the uncertainties of a new job, working from home, and the fear of the pandemic, was not easy in itself. My hometown got exposed to the cyclone of Amphan on 20/05/2020. I have never experienced such a thing. It is a trying time, with the limits of boundaries being tested.

I hope we come out humble and human post this.

(Originally posted on 22 May 2020)

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I’m tired from all this running around

In this same piece of land

I exist in twelve different forms

Three days breathe in these twenty five hours put together

Reality broken in many shards

Edges of like minds reflect in my heart.

I converse with me and others about the week

Which was a month

Which was a year

Which was a day

Which was just an hour.

Is this life or a reflection of a far fetched

But fulfilling dream?

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Red angry marks

What lies in the hole of truth?
Shrinking memories and feelings
Tightening of laces
That sinking feeling of pain
As I try to insert my feet in shoes
That don’t fit anymore.
Red angry marks of forced dressing, forced protection-
When I would rather walk bare feet for a while.
The tanned lines have faded, skin is one
Mind is in a thousand different directions.
Various colours have bled in the thoughts,
Instead of a rainbow, there is chaos.
Red angry marks of forced emotions
Sit criss crossed on my face,
Labour of limbs push and pull-
My heart is racing ahead.
A cut in the rubble
There’s fire everywhere.
Red angry marks of a loss of self
Sit staring in these words
What lies in the hole of truth?
Misery- these reflections reply.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.