Pixelated Lifestyle

Boundaries fade, no bricks no walls
Straight lines curve into horizons
Thoughts break and fall into the abyss
Clouds gather in a waterfall
All of me is all of the world
A collection of used air, stale breaths
Bones shiver and quiver in the cold
Sun sinks into the other whole.
Lines run a different direction
At the centre is a mind.
Parallel lives in the fabric of time
Muted existence in a pixelated lifestyle.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Thinking Crow

Blank beaded eyes look into the distance
Disturbing, its dark body flies above me
I feel the air from the movement
A light feather falling on my shoulder.
It focuses its blank stare at me
Kaw kaw kaw”
Calling in a tuneless monotone.
Bored, I sit and stare into space
Brown button eyes look into the distance.

The universe is vast, it has no limit
Upon a mountain sits a being
Ethereal, he smokes to bear the cold
In his mind exists existence-
A blue planet in a blue mind.
All being stretch and breath there-
Their physicality, their memories
Real to them, real to the world
But the world itself is neither flat nor round,
But a morsel of a thought.
The landscape of universe stretches beyond
A human can solve
This universe is limitless, because the mind is limitless
Imagination prevails above all.”

Kaw kaw kaw
The crow keeps chanting to me, like it is sharing the secret of the world
I keep thinking of the office meeting and my response to a question-
A silly question to me.
Do I believe in God?
I wonder if the crow thinks of God,
If it thinks at all.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Manufactured minds

Manufactured minds-
A productive thought for a dollar each.
I imagine babies hanging mid air
A singing voice floating everywhere.
Flowers pink bloom against imagined walls
People stand in front of imagined gods-
Flames burn and the smoke rises
The smoke enters my cold lungs.
The anatomy of me is science
The anatomy of mind is unexplained-
I am counting pennies for each minute I sell my self.
I imagine fishes smiling at rocks with eyes
A ship sailing down towards the edge
Of an Earth that has lost its shape,
And is indeed flat as a button.
Peeping through one of the four holes,
I look at the sun blazing straight at me
As if hoping for my end
To close this loop of birth and death.
The mystery of existence in a sinking planet-
It’s 9:29 AM, time for my morning meeting.
“Hello, Good morning!
I am good, I have a few updates to make…”


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Colour of change

These days, my mind often goes blank. Sometimes it feels like I am delivering dialogues from a script I must have memorised a while back. How long ago? I don’t know.

Mumma says that everything will be alright. That is the restive state of how ultimately every adverse situation is meant to be. With the toughest 11 months of my life past, maybe it will get better. And if I am being honest, it has started to also. Then why do I feel this sense of impending doom?

I often dream that I am staring at the end of a huge cliff. It is always so dark. Sometimes, I even dream that I am losing the people whom I have already loved and lost. What emotion is triggering this, I ask? I don’t know.

Each morning, I wake with my heart trembling in ten different points in my body. I am scared that my sister will feel it shaking in my ribs. I share a living space with her. Sometimes it feels that we are two fishes trapped together in a fishing bowl, staring at the world outside, staring at the world within.

I love my room, and I love my people. Sometimes, I think- what is love? Today morning, the answer that came to me was surprising.

“Love is the light dancing on the surface of seas, seeping in lines and waves. Love is the sea, so full and overwhelming in itself. Love is the light, travelling miles and burning up the sky. Love is the trembling of hearts and stories- of many a you and I.”

These days, I find solace in dim lights. My eyes look so tired in the bright reflection of the new LED tube light. I wear glasses to protect myself from the world. It oddly makes me feel ready to face the changes that have slowly come, yet again, in the periphery of my life.

What is the colour of change? Today it’s white, with a rainbow in its chest.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Grey clouds turn purple then pink
With each finger tip.
A touch, a glance
I hide from the future.
Stones with mouths and a sharp nose
Smell my anxieties when I talk to my plants-
Miss Flower does not like me anymore.
Irritated in sleep, a toss and a turn
Sky lies awake breathing heavily
At 2:37 AM, sweat clings to my neck
Cold licks at my lips-
Stuck in my throat, pleas and worries
About worries that exist only in me.
Shadows flicker and there is a tall shadow on the cold marble
Ten leaves of Miss Flower look at me disdainfully-
I am uprooting with my claws out,
Fingers exposed to the cold winter that is suffocating.
I don’t know what I want anymore.
Lights spreads like butter on a fresh toast
I soak in the warmth, head up towards a grey sky
My fingers don’t reach the clouds anymore
Air is stuck in this painting
There is an apple on a plate and a brush with toothpaste
Red- shining with light on it.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Spirals and wires

Spirals and wires stem from the light
I am sun in colour
Vapours on my lips (I miss)
Vapours from my skin
Rise- up and high.
Delirium as a memory
Is a memory.
I rub liquid soap- orange
I remember the taste of that first orange of the season
I had yesterday.
I dream of a bus- yellow
Flying in space with a giraffe
Seated and a rat stuck to the window.
A butterfly the colour of sun
Fluttering over my world
A world I don’t understand anymore.
Spirals and wires down my arms
I am warm with memories for now.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

2020 | A Photo Journal

Hello Bloggers,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I am wishing good health and warmth to all your loved ones. 🙂

While we will all remember this year for something quite unexpected, it has been a great teacher too. After spending so much time inside, art started materialising itself within these 4 walls as well.

With the year end drawing to a close, I would like to share some photographs that I deeply connected with. I would love to hear your thoughts on the same as well!

Drying inside

One with the shadows

*Words borrowed from Lord Huron

Fuel of everyday

Alone on the road

Stillness in difference

Stars on walls

Blooming in silent corners

Missed sunsets

Family time

How will you describe this year 10 years down the line?


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Miss Fish Curry


Miss Fish Curry had been waiting all day-
She enjoys eating the edges of clouds that pass over the Mind Sea.
After 3.5 hours of sighing, came a big cloud flying over the water surface.

With a handkerchief tucked in her collar, Miss Fish Curry furiously started chasing her giant meal.
Her 3.5 inches body swam and swam and swam
Her tiny teeth gnawed all the way.
The shadow of the cloud flew with the currents-
Nibbled at the edges.

Miss Fish Curry celebrated a good day and a full stomach,
Existing happily in the Mind Sea,
Looking at the pink sky that lit up with thunder and electric ever so often.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.