Birds and squirrels with cute teeth
Balloons and art with paints three
Long lost friends and random birthdays
Crafted mental health and bad days
Products for elbows, hair, knees
Outings to cafes in times like these
Archived posts from yesteryear today’s
Branded posts on my pay day
Planets and spirals of dust
Emotional quotes with an aesthetic photo is a must.
Comics about cute little animals, celebration
And then, some posts from my organisation.
Fan posts and kdrama fan art
All synchronised to the trending beat

I spend hours looking at these useless posts
I am a fish caught in the hook of an ungrateful host-
Can we stop with the mental manipulation, Instagram?
I think I have forgotten how to spend my own time-
Is my own time mine?


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I look at the tiny ants crawling on the desk-
A space that I share not just with my sister
But a kazillion more beings.
The spider teases me as it swings from the yellow lights
My sister hung to bring her distant home to this home.
I always felt time is an illusion.
But I am realising that space is a bigger illusion
As my universe size shrinks
To a room and two devices.
With all the pills crowding my organs, I float in space
That feeling of nothingness stays
Even when I wake up.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Manufactured minds

Manufactured minds-
A productive thought for a dollar each.
I imagine babies hanging mid air
A singing voice floating everywhere.
Flowers pink bloom against imagined walls
People stand in front of imagined gods-
Flames burn and the smoke rises
The smoke enters my cold lungs.
The anatomy of me is science
The anatomy of mind is unexplained-
I am counting pennies for each minute I sell my self.
I imagine fishes smiling at rocks with eyes
A ship sailing down towards the edge
Of an Earth that has lost its shape,
And is indeed flat as a button.
Peeping through one of the four holes,
I look at the sun blazing straight at me
As if hoping for my end
To close this loop of birth and death.
The mystery of existence in a sinking planet-
It’s 9:29 AM, time for my morning meeting.
“Hello, Good morning!
I am good, I have a few updates to make…”


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Grey clouds turn purple then pink
With each finger tip.
A touch, a glance
I hide from the future.
Stones with mouths and a sharp nose
Smell my anxieties when I talk to my plants-
Miss Flower does not like me anymore.
Irritated in sleep, a toss and a turn
Sky lies awake breathing heavily
At 2:37 AM, sweat clings to my neck
Cold licks at my lips-
Stuck in my throat, pleas and worries
About worries that exist only in me.
Shadows flicker and there is a tall shadow on the cold marble
Ten leaves of Miss Flower look at me disdainfully-
I am uprooting with my claws out,
Fingers exposed to the cold winter that is suffocating.
I don’t know what I want anymore.
Lights spreads like butter on a fresh toast
I soak in the warmth, head up towards a grey sky
My fingers don’t reach the clouds anymore
Air is stuck in this painting
There is an apple on a plate and a brush with toothpaste
Red- shining with light on it.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Miss Fish Curry


Miss Fish Curry had been waiting all day-
She enjoys eating the edges of clouds that pass over the Mind Sea.
After 3.5 hours of sighing, came a big cloud flying over the water surface.

With a handkerchief tucked in her collar, Miss Fish Curry furiously started chasing her giant meal.
Her 3.5 inches body swam and swam and swam
Her tiny teeth gnawed all the way.
The shadow of the cloud flew with the currents-
Nibbled at the edges.

Miss Fish Curry celebrated a good day and a full stomach,
Existing happily in the Mind Sea,
Looking at the pink sky that lit up with thunder and electric ever so often.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Hello Bloggers! How have you been?

I hope the season of Autumn and receding rain has been good to you. Did you get to catch any unexpected colour in the sky? I saw an orange sky at 5:30 AM.

I have yet again, been irregular when it comes to blogging. Let’s just say a block is a sad sad reality? While I could have reshared some of my old content, I just didn’t feel like it.

These days, I have become a person I never thought I would have. I have always strived for a career that was parts business and creativity. But as luck would have it, I landed myself a pure sales role. It is a good learning and a good experience, but it is not exactly what I had in mind.

Anyway, drawing back to my first point, I am increasingly finding it hard to let the creativity flow, after fulfilling all the other duties that a so called adult life has asked of me. I am still hopeful that this a phase.

Maybe it is staying at home that has drained me of inspiration. I remember a couple of months back when I had stepped out of the house for the first time in 5 months, I had been full of observations and words. Now, not so much. : P

Most of my waking time is spent working (roughly 60+ hours in a week). Another major chunk goes in sleep. The rest of the time I am glued to my phone, consuming content. I don’t even feel like talking much to my friends anymore. The thought that some of them have gone for vacations and casually met their friends, fills me with anxiety.

Sometimes when I have surfed social media enough and spoken enough with a few friends, I feel like the Pandemic has only reached me, my mind so intensely. It feels unfair when I see my sister grappled with anxiety and myself working crazy hours because of the entire work from home culture.

But then, they are just a few people. This world is bigger and more dense. 🙂 So I get a better hope for the future.

In my new discoveries, I have started cooking every Saturday! It’s been two weeks so far, and I am enjoying the experience. Even though the heat can get a little crazy.

I have found my love in Yoo Ah In. A brilliant actor and performer, he truly re-establishes my faith in good talent. I remember thinking that I am thankful to be alive because I could witness someone like him. Maybe I have a tiny crush? 😛

Korean movies are amazing! Unlike the Dramas that focus more on romance, these movies cover a range of genres that aligns well with my taste- thriller, suspense, psychology. Have you seen any good films recently?

I would love to hear from you about all the things happening at your end! Feel free to drop comments below. 🙂

Hear from you soon.



Hello Bloggers,

How have you been? I hope life isn’t too stressful for you all.

These past few weeks have been rather busy. But I see life settling into a routine that will be around till a vaccine arrives or I am called to Mumbai to start work from office, whichever comes first.

It’s been four months since I started my career with work from home. While it’s been a magnanimous task, getting to know everyone, their working styles, and the work at the same time. But I am glad the most tough part is over.

After developing a bout of fever, we (my sister and I) got tests done. Only to realise that we have not developed antibodies even though a household member had Covid a couple of months back. Now we have entered a mindspace of whatever happens, happens. All that we can do is take precautions (which we are).

Each day when I come across news headlines, I feel like some energy is sucked out of me. Do you ever feel like the world is f**king with us from all sides? Economical, political, familial, environmental disasters. But it is disasters that we have given birth to, I mean it is our civilization. 😛

A month back, my nephew was born. I left home after 5 months to travel. It was a surreal feeling. I remember thinking that if humans can create huge buildings and flyovers from scratch, they can conquer anything. It was an odd feeling, coming face to face with our creations.

In other news, learning Korean has been going good! It’s a little slow, but I am getting into sentence construction and know more words. Although I do see a long path ahead. Are you learning any new languages?

These days, I often find myself thinking of a guy I had liked a few years back. While we were good friends, I haven’t been in touch with him since 10 months. I hope he is well. 🙂

That’s it about me. No great updates, just a catch up I would say. I would love to hear more from you, feel free to drop comments below!

Also, I am open to Kdrama suggestions 🙂

Hear from you soon.


Ice cream

The sun is hard and hot on my skin

There, yet not there

A sip of cold syrup from

Ice cream between my lips

My tongue is the colour of

Pinks and artificial purples

My feet walk and walk

In maddening circles

Outside periphery of crowds.

My mind is a still ocean

Fishes and lives within its depth

Breathing air bubbles of all shapes and colours

Talking in binary codes and alphanumeric jokes.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.