9:45 AM to 6:10 PM

I wonder how buildings stand so tall and proud.
I can feel my neck and spine change shape throughout the day
A question mark?
An exclamation point!
A full stop.
(I curl into myself for some psychological warmth)
The cold ACs talk nonstop, their voice has become familiar
Plants in this office are more alive than people
As my friend 6 states away says- this world feels 2D.
And I am a walking 2 line drawing put together-
Eyes bigger than my head
Head bigger than my legs
Hands two needle sticks by the side-
Fit for typing and meticulous washing.
(It is the only body part I can truly control).


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.



  1. Having spent 40-plus years in an office, I certainly can identify with the character described. Well done Devika

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    1. insight07 says:

      Hahah how would you describe the experience?

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      1. At best, entertaining. At worst, frustrating. I made a habit of getting to the office an hour ahead of my bosses. It was a way to get things done before they arrived to mess things up. I learned this very early in my career.

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      2. insight07 says:

        I will really pay attention to these words and watch them unfold for me over my career. Thank you for sharing 😊

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      3. I hope they work. 😊

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  2. Such a humorous but sadly true description of office life. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. insight07 says:

      Hahah thank you 😊
      What has your experience been like?


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