Just Stop

Thoughts break and whisper in my ears
Not my own, not always
Older eyes stare back each time I look in the mirror
No one is interested in me but me
The unaging mind that sits inside an aging body
Maybe in dreams I see my younger self
And now, I am stared at
Unflinchingly by a stranger
From few days ahead in the future.
I am not sure all people on the road are there
I believe at some point there will be
Copies and forms of thoughts
Your and mine
Out there. Time passes through us as needles
Pinching in some spaces, closing holes through knots
Skin is impermeable.
I haven’t seen my toes in long,
It is a long winter, gathering comfortably in my sweater and socks.
On round pills and liquid tonics, I float
In a sky, almost near the moon.
Maybe I will steal a rock and paint a moon and waves on it.
Or the birds that are needled to my skin.
There’s pain within, tearing my teeth apart.
A sickness that spreads to mind and bones and beyond.
Yet, we keep moving on
And I attend a meeting after the other-
Earphones in my ears.

Please, just stop.


Access prose and poems in my book, “Dreaming in a Fish Bowl”!

Link- https://rb.gy/nbxljh

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.



  1. ghnocchi says:

    We need to learn to always look our inward personality because most time we forgot that is who we rarely is

    Liked by 1 person

    1. insight07 says:

      That is so true! We don’t introspect as much as we should.
      Thank you for stopping by 😊


      1. ghnocchi says:

        It is a pleasure to contribute to things of life

        Liked by 1 person

      2. insight07 says:

        It is, indeed!


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