Living Memory

A string of words from alien lips remind me of you
I held onto the threads with sticky, honey fingers.
I am wearing my heart on my sleeves
But there is no one to see.
Or hear, or breathe.
It is only the inside of me colouring this house mauve
Then a deep purple,
Then a night.
Moon has come whispering to the sky
A half strung sigh I steal from its lungs
And let it exit from mine.
We are sisters born from the same body, you see.
I lie parallel to some lines that I can’t see-
The human eye and floors above limit me.
But I imagine, as I always do
About horses flying, carrying the sun
From my end to you
They give you a kiss, and a cuddle, some snuggle
On a winter morning we have never spent apart.
(On a straight graph, your bed is parallel to mine
Even if we are some oceans and turtles apart)


Access prose and poems in my book, “Dreaming in a Fish Bowl”!


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.



  1. Anilaamjad says:

    Great. It’s sensational!☺️🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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