Sometimes I forget when was the last time I smiled
Even if it was an hour ago
Or ten minutes ago.
I forget the things that happened and emotions I felt-
All gets washed away with green body soap and the clinical bubbles.
I forget the number of steps I take and the doors I close
Roads that are crossed
Bridges burnt and mountains seen, but never felt
I don’t remember the situations I have saved or fires that have consumed me
Ash that has settled in my lungs from small fires I did not mind at a time.
A lot has happened and fistfuls of organs don’t remember

But I do remember that night and the tightness in my muscles
The desperation to turn back hours, physically if required
I remember the cuts I felt emerging and eyes that struggled to understand
I remember taking the burden of the world, but not understanding my own
My own.
Life plays a cruel game but
Death is a game changer.
We are victims and players
Circumstances flow through us, over us
And we as pebbles remember the flow of tide
The tide that never seems to pass-
Never fully.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

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