Yellow hope

Footprints all over
A sand castle, a lion, a triangle in a corner.
Under the heavy sensation of
Wave upon wave, I lie still
Shifting with the shape of water.
Contained in glass bottles that float
A heavy weight on the ocean-
My life is trapped in finite walls
Breathing so close to my lungs.
A window- I peek at the fish below and birds above,
An aeroplane sounds somewhere far away.
A heavy weight in the layers of air-
I wake up to the sound of rain
Pounding on the window and a heavy sensation
Of being walked all over my veins.
A string at a time, I weave thoughts to pages
I cling to the idea of a good and hope
Hope for an okay each day,
Trying to sleep in the glow of
Strings of yellow light.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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