Music Box

Years from now, maybe some human will decide to treasure our greatest creation- music- in a box. They will put years of education to use and innovate a product. An indestructible device that will survive- pandemics, apocalypse, destructions, and chaos. It will outlive time, continue to exist forever in its form. It’s function, only one- to play music for long.

All type of recorded music, it will store in its tiny head. There will never be true silence in this space again. Even if life doesn’t exist and its noise is drowned- in one corner of this darkness a small device will make sound.

People with anxiety will find peace. There is a constant now in this world of change. Its frequency will be open, anyone can tune in. Just imagine, thousands of people finding solace in this unique togetherness. Heart beats will match to the rhythm of the music, and thoughts will not race for once.

I wish that smart a person reads this blog, and creates this magic box.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


  1. Jeb says:

    You may enjoy this if you have not read it.

    Velimir Khelebnikov, ‘radio of the future’ in The King of Time: Selected Writings of the Russian Futurian, translated by Paul Schmidt

    Velimir Khlebnikov: The Radio of the Future

    Modern sound adaption.

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    1. insight07 says:

      I’ll definitely give this a read! Thank you so much for the recommendation ☺️


  2. besondersite says:

    Beautiful thought 💫

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    1. insight07 says:

      Thank you for reading ☺️

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