Things I Miss

Things I miss from a thousand days ago-
Coins and puddles full of frogs
Roads full of footsteps and wet flowers
Fallen from a yellow wall.
A little flurry of activity that was not my own
People that were strange and did not feel like my own.
A mind full of romance and blank sheets of knowledge.
Ten black and white photos up a blank hostel wall.

Things I miss from a hundred days ago-
Warmth in my bones from a too heated sun
A surety of a goodbye that was a band-aid
Waiting to be ripped off.
Sharing four walls with two and dreaming of another nation
With unknown white walls under a sky California blue.
Mirror image with a mind talking and sharing and cooking
Love with so much food that is a part of my happiness.

Things I miss from today, even though today is not over just yet-
The feel of thunder on my fingers as I woke from a deep slumber,
Cold taste of a bread I baked yesterday
Evening tea, and what it means-
The day is not over just yet.
Talking to a stranger friend and feeling the threads in my mind
With fingers that now feel creative in typing this rhyme.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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