There are new people in my life

New fingers on my hand

I weave designs with threads

Loop knots around them

Stories and a few thoughts

Little puzzled, a little chaos

There are old acquaintances in my life

Lines on my palm

Describing my days that were and are to come

Nerve endings defining me

Oh really?

My mind questions.

I question my mind.

Can someone peer in

And tell me there are not infinite reflections

Of the same me

Standing in front of one mirror

Two mirror four eight sixteen

With my new different sized fingers

And the same brown hair.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


    1. Hi Nigel! Yes, everything is good! I have been busy with work and had gone on a holiday so wasn’t able to upload much. I have posted a few in these past few days though.
      Thanks for checking in. 🙂


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