16 November 2034
Dear Charles,

I remember that day
16 November 1984
When my friend Laura, first introduced us
You, a skinny boy of 15
Me, a snobbish girl of 13
Oh how we hated each other!

I remember that day
16 November 1994
When we met unexpectedly
It was Laura’s engagement party
Gone was the immaturity
In place, stood a young man of 25
A pretty lady of 23
And something special began

I remember that day
16 November 2004
When we stood together in the balcony
Witnessing a beautiful sunset
Our baby girl held preciously by you
Our love, surrounding us in a safe bubble
Life was perfect, for that one evening

I remember that day
16 November 2014
When you had left me
Your journey was complete, but not mine
Our daughter sits at your grave, whispering to you
It’s a secret, she says
I won’t disturb her

I remember that day
16 November 2024
Our daughter fidgets nervously
I tell her how beautiful she looks
How proud I am of her
How proud you would be
And in that moment, I felt your presence
As I walked her down the aisle
You were there, looking after us

It’s getting late
And I remember it all
16 November 2034
Memories spread everywhere
Photos, souvenirs
All of it rushed back to me
I look at the most recent photo
Our grandkids, twins
They remind me of a younger version of us

Today, I know
My journey is reaching its end
And in these last few moments,
I remember
The bitter-sweet memories
They leave me satisfied

Yes, my love
I am coming to you
This is the last letter
That I am leaving here, at your grave
I’ll meet you soon
And then, we will have our own
Happy forever

Love, Diana


This post is inspired by the movie, One day.
It is absolutely beautiful. I would suggest everyone to watch it!

Copyright Β©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


  1. Memories without boundaries, where does the past and the future meet except in our hearts. Beautifully put together. Makes one yearn for a love that transcends time and space.


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