Words shut in my mouth don’t talk anymore.

In numbers, I spend my life

Body spent in a pain that is my luxury

I travel miles and miles to my blood

All the while, I too bleed

Memories of people haunt me

Cobwebs of feelings decorated on dust stained ceilings

Here, the winds flow free in between my fingers

The sky lights up and pours

I cry too- it has been long

Months are not months but years to me now

I feel so grown, so old

Yet, I know I am lying to myself.

Finding a person of my own

Body and soul, petrifies me

I feel unlovable, you see

I am just another person on just another planet

There is no grand meaning to my existence

And this is the ultimate truth of life- my life.

People whom you love- do they really love you?

Or just like anything else, you are a mistake

Cutting through a womb and generation

To exist where you are not meant to be-

And search for meaning in a mind dictionary.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

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