Blue windows

Cold blue windows

Shine, in this gloomy night

Alone, in this world of dark times.

Roads criss cross in their chaos

Leading to there, there and there.

Shadows murk in every corner

Sniggering, whispering with winds

Talking of doom, death, end.

A lone streetlight burns

Spilling gold at a distance,

A stranger, a dark silhouette

Walks down this empty road.

Figure of hopelessness, defeat, pain

His feet drag on the cold cold ground,

Making no noise in their wake.

Curtains part, blue open windows

Invite wind and despair of the heart.

Tired eyes look above

Towards a heaven that is always within reach,

But somehow, miles apart.

There are no stars, no moon, no clouds in the sky

Just the ink blue of pain,

As it bleeds for us each night.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Image source~ unknown


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