It is so easy to get lost
In a crowd of known, unknown faces
Strange touches on my skin
Eyes on me, inside out
New places, old feelings
Of detachment, darkness, lingering sunshine
Bright blue sky that hovers right above us
Everywhere, everywhere
Brown eyes, brown hair, fair skin
A little madness, a little anxiousness
I get from this side of my family
Stories, people and warmth
A little spice, a little bitterness
Same old faces, same old complains
Of 20-25-50 years
I wonder, ten thousand miles away
A couple of centuries later
Who will remember us?
Who will remember these moments of right now?
Who will remember these stories, these people
These crinkles in the eyes and bright smiles
Sour words and ugly truths
That have made me, me.
Who will remember me?
There are no answers
Just a growing understanding
Of what it feels, to be human
To live in a time where time is everywhere
Yet with no one, no one at all.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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