Do you?


Do you know, how painful it is
To be cut a thousand times
And sewn together a thousand times
Only to be cut again
By the same knife?
Do you know what it feels
To not bleed from scars
But to kiss them
Alone, in the dark?
Do you know how difficult it is
To not blame everything on myself
And hate myself so much
So much, I think I almost deserve the pain?
Do you know the taste of defeat
That comes from losing to
Your mind and dreams,
The horrors that stay within?
Do you know about those voices
That won’t stop whispering
Your deepest fears to you
In broad daylight and dusk?
Do you know what it is like
To live in my mind
With all this love and memories;
Caged, screaming, begging to be free?
Do you feel this void
Breathing in your chest
Expanding to your limbs and hair tips and toes
Fingers, words, poems and woes?


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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