This is who I am

Hanging onto to a single thread,

I sway I sway

From one side to another.

Weak fingers stretched 

To the limit of their strength.
A single wind blows

And I come crashing down,

All hopes forgotten, shattered within me.

Cries break out from my throat

Tears come streaming down my eyes.

No one seems to be around 

No one is around.
And then, just when I feel I can’t do it anymore 

Can’t take it anymore 

A light blooms deep within me.

Something that is just me

Gathers and collects and strengthens 

Blinding my eyes

Lifting me from the ground, away from the mess

Towards a sun that is cold, cold

But beautiful, magnificent, breathing 
My hands reach towards it

Wanting to touch my light.

Sky on my fingertips;

I rejoice.
I break, break, often I shatter 

But something in me refuses to 

Give up, give in.

I’ll renew each once, shine bright

For this is who I am

This is who I am.


I’ve written this one for a friend. 

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Copyright Β©Devika Todi. All rights reserved


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