Dear diary

Dear diary,

I’m scared, of each second, each day. I’m in fear of new faces and old, the feelings they arouse in me. I feel like an intruder in my skin. The breaths I take should be silent, my movements, unnoticeable. No trace of me should be there, not in being, not in memories. I find myself distributing pieces of me to make myself believe, I too exist.

Someday I fear, I’ll vanish from this space and no one will remember me. For I am that way, forgettable, ignorable. I feel I should stick to the wall and become a part of it or maybe if I’m silent enough, people will forget all about me. 

Yet it never happens.

I’ve known bad all my life. I wish all were equally bad, so that I could blame them for being the way I am.

But it is all me, only me to blame. I carry the brunt of it everyday.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved


13 thoughts on “Dear diary

  1. Life is a puzzle and we are merely a piece but trust me, you are unforgettable.🙂. I loved this Dear Diary excerpt, very touching. You sure do bring the emotion.


    1. I appreciate your comments so much, Willy. Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading my posts. Means a lot!

      I hope to meet your expectations, each time I upload something.

      Have a good day! 😀

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