Burning pyre

Shadows of lost souls
Falls on the burning pyre
Which pollutes the sky
That was once blue.

The anger and hurt
Grief and pain
Burn, like the lifeless body
Of my sister.

Marks of death and love
Will now scar her body forever
Her skin, a grey pallor
Her nails, still the same.

Tears and cries escape our throat
We hold onto each other for dear life
Love, in its purest form fills me
As I feel my fear realised.


It has been a year
Yet it seems like yesterday
When I last saw you laugh, saw you cry
Because the next day itself, you took away your life.

The pain is still fresh
It burns in my chest
I carry the marks of that red scarf
On my neck as well.

A part of me died with you
Jumped in your burning pyre
Now, I just reflect
On what really matters

Concepts of forever love
Scare and haunt me
Books and movies say something
But the ugly truth is our reality.

Everyday we burn
Extinguishing our love
Until we are nothing, but ashes
That scatter around like the dust.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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