Struggling against the confines 

Of the limitless blue skies,

Death fills and fills

This life of mine.

A string of hope;

A fine line between 

Dream, real, unreal 

Knots and tangles

In these fingers and veins of mine.

Voices inside my being roar

Louder than the thunder

That rides on clouds of end.

A void that is too empty, too full

Fills this space between my fingers and thoughts;

Clutching me from all sides,

Holding onto my life

In desperation 

To release itself

From its never ending pain.

Sighs and screams escape my throat.

Blood I spill on pages;

Blue ink dries on yellow and white,

Absorbing, like the sweat and smell

That linger on my skin.

Stares of a thousand eyes

I keep in my pocket;

Away from this crowd,

Away from this mind.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved


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