War of thoughts


My thoughts are jumbled,
Pieces don’t fit together.
Whirls of confusions
Draining my clarity of thought.
Smoke rises in swirls
My hopes and dreams burn.
There is no peace
It’s a war inside my head
And I am the one
Who is getting destroyed.


The poem is (c)Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


20 thoughts on “War of thoughts

      1. *gasps*Hey,you are using the wrong nickname!
        Have you forgotten already?*wide eyes*

        By the way,my last exam was crap.*sighs*
        But,thanks for asking.:)


  1. Relatable. Being at war with oneself and lacking clarity. Something a lot of us experience. Sometimes it’s brought on by our own self-doubt. Sometimes it’s because of differing viewpoints. Everybody has their own opinions on issues and deciding which one to take on for yourself can be a challenge.

    I was inspired by confusion/self-doubt as well as a bit of darkness (depression). So I tried to channel that into a positive medium – namely poetry. It captures the picture of a man trapped in his own mind’s prison and the suffering he experiences as a result. Do have a look at it here: https://revitellect.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/the-perfect-punishment-poem/ 🙂


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