Sandy retreat 

Rivulets of sunlight flow down my body

Onto the grey blue sea kissing my feet.

Clouds within reach, dance with the wind

Golden sand sparkles white on the beach. 

Feelings and thoughts, seamless in me

Flow, wave after wave.

Somewhere, in the fading horizon

Real and dreams melt.

Smiles on faces, wind in my hair

I guess I’m lucky to be here at all.

There are many in my life,

Brilliant stars in the night sky dark.

Running on wet sand,

That stretches for miles and miles

I gave in to the peace

Of that place, that time.

People look unlook at me

Whispering malicious under their breath 

Right now, I’m oblivious 

Because the ocean whispers in my head.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved. 


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