Todi family

Growing up in my family of 8 members
I have realised a few things that I’ll always remember
Here I’ll write it in a list
I’m sure your laughter you won’t be able to resist

1) everyone is loud and loves to scream
except for me, for I am the quiet one, if you know what I mean

2) foul language flows in our very blood
pouring from our tongues like a flood

3) we love to criticise every one
sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s fun

4) always complaining, always fighting
always crying, always laughing

5) none of us are sane, not really
we think ourselves geniuses, but are rather silly

6) loud and boisterous, my all 4 parents are
crazy in their own might, yet, somehow at par

7) love borders on hate sometimes, fights cruel are fought
I don’t know what goes on half the time; we are a mad lot

8) no one makes me feel this way, but my family
everything is so intense, yet so lively

9) television shows could be made on us, we do love drama
we debate on everything ; religion, theories, politics, even Obama!

10) stubborn as stone, some refuse to believe
They can be wrong ; this idea they’ll never perceive

11) others and us; all label this house mad
but I often believe it is not that bad

With all its faults and intense memories
All of my family is ours to keep
No one understands it the way we do
The bond we share, found only by few
Crass and scary, we often intimidate others
We like to blame this trait on our fathers

Not a dull day is spent in this house
Highlights exist like birthdays, or the entire family chasing that tiny mouse
Some scream at lizards, some scream at us
We are a jolly lot who don’t like to fuss

I present to you my family
In all its chaotic glory
We love to laugh and play
We know all we have is family, at the end of the day!


Copyright Β©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


26 thoughts on “Todi family

      1. Great! Had a lovely visit back in Canada over the holidays. Good to see family and friends – even the crazy ones! Back in Paris now and ready to tackle a new year.


      2. Good to know! How is everyone back home?
        My sister had come home for holidays. So we had a good time together. Plus my cousin gets married in a week. So 2016 has been nice so far. Although college.. Eh

        You do know Paris has been like my dream place! Is it beautiful?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Paris is a wonderful city to live in. I really enjoy it here. We’ve only been here 6 months PLUS our kids live in Canada still but I surprised myself by being very happy to get back here. It didn’t help that there was no snow in Ontario (where we live in Canada) so I couldn’t go snowboarding. : (. What are you studying in college?


      4. Sounds wonderful! I’m studying business administration .
        I’ve never experienced snow fall! I’ve seen snow but never snow fall. I live near the sea. So can never expect snow πŸ˜›

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Lucky you! LOL To enjoy snow and winter in Canada you have to find an activity – I snowboard and snowshoe. You need to embrace the winter and find the beauty in it or it will wear you down. I would LOVE to live by the sea! I find the sea so cathartic. I feel I belong there.


  1. Haha! Though I don’t know you and your family but I’ve got to known a lot here. Its always fun to be in a joint family, always happy and amazing! It has it’s own aromatic essence! Beautiful one!


      1. Well indeed I used to live before in joint family but later a decade ago my family got separated due to some other reasons. But I realized later that it’s much more easy to live in a closed family rather than a joint family. Still, what if it’s joint or closed, family is family and love flows out through it! πŸ™‚


  2. Oh yours is just fine….
    Not crazier than mine!
    Lol……fun to read……and to tell you the truth, i think…….having a sane family is a myth…….and if someone had one……well, that would be crazy!!! Loved this!!! Stay crazy!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. I came from a big family of aunts and uncles…grandma had 8 children…but my mom had 3 – so my family was mostly cousins…who needed friends. When I married I decided to have 5 children…so again the comings and going of lots of kids…now they are grown with kids of their own (9 grands all together_ and every holiday is crazy – but I wouldnt have it any other way!


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