Keep walking 

People always talk in loud words

Loud voices booming off the four walls.

Silence steals syllables from my tongue,

Resonating within my being.

Skin that covers this flesh and bone

Hold scars that knives have left

In dreams that I see in the darknest nights.

I drown in a puddle of my tears

As voices whisper in my ears,

White light blinds my vision

Pushing me into the arms of dark.

Eyes closed, I see

I’m lost in remembrance of a sky 

That hides from me each night. 

Blood runs cold in my veins

Each time I think of

Tomorrow, day after, day after

What’ll happen next, and how?

Each time I breathe I feel within me

The weight of a thousand rocks

That press together on my chest

Making me sink lower, lower.

In moments of deepest grief

I remember you 

The smell that lingers on your clothes 

Memories that play in my mind.

Places hold onto ghosts of that time

Which is never coming back, never.

Moving on, how does one do that?

Zoom ahead by 15 years, only to realise

You’re reliving times when you were 15.

I try to understand world and its ways

A fineline that separates 

Fiction from real

People from thoughts 

Pain from life.

I’ll go on walking 

With a smile frozen on my lips,

A song stuck in my mind

Which plays in forever loops

Singing words to me

That seem like mine.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved


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