Hot shower

Away from this cold world
I form a warm corner of my own
I leave all my troubles behind
It is just me and this warmth

With the sun warming my body
I switch on the shower
Liquid heat pours from his head
Warming me further

I watch the vapours rise
From the water droplets that cling to my skin
Some slide down towards the floor
Gliding on my limbs

I spread lather from the soap
On my naked flesh
Smelling of fresh ocean and waves
I rejuvenate

The warm sunlight engulfs me whole
Bathing me in its heat
Colouring my skin gold
Feeling like a lover’s hold

The walls and mirror mist
As vapours cool on them
My little corner in this winter
Making me forget my regrets

I emerge finally
Smelling of ocean and feeling warm
Ready for this dreadful day
With all its faults.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


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