Sky and sea


I stand here at the shore
Just looking, as always
I stood still for hours, it seems
But the water kept on moving
Rising in waves, huge and small
Racing to reach the shore
Bathing the sand, engulfing it
Then receeding back in itself
Again it arose in waves
The cycle kept on going
In the lull of the whispering water
I lost sense of time
My feet, like the golden sand
Bathed in the water pure
As my eyes look
At the sky, the sea, and the sky again
Until I can’t tell them apart
The horizon has faded, lost
In the brilliant shades
Of blue, green, purple, blue
The ripples of water sparkling
In the light of the day
It is the stars twinkling
From beneath the blue
Soon my vision is greeted
With the big ball of fire
As it dips lower, lower still
Into the endless blue
The shades give into darker shades
Deep replaces light, to be replaced by dark
And yet, the transition is not complete
Every moment, it changes
The moon appears from behind dark clouds
At once it is a white vision in the dark
Each moment breathes life in me
In my stillness, I found meaning
To my feeble existence
In the chaos of everyday
I confuse myself
But now, I am at peace
My eyes twinkle like the stars
In the depthless skies
That are reflected by the waters in the depthless sea
In this moment, I realise
How insignificant I am
In the grander scheme of things
I imagine, how many others
Have stood here, just like me
Contemplating life
All has changed
But this shore, the sky, the sea

I move from the spot I have been standing in for hours
Instantly, the water washes away my footprints
Fickle, indeed
I walk away, becoming a part
Of the silent shadows in the night.

This world is full of love and meaning.
You just need to look for it in the right place


This is a moment I hold close to my heart. I believe I was the happiest at that point of time. It is a pleasure sharing this moment with you people. I hope I was able to make you all feel what I had been going through at that point of time. My experience in Baga beach, Goa,India.

Have you ever had such a moment? I would love to hear from you!

Good day to everyone. Thank you for stopping by.

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(c)Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


55 thoughts on “Sky and sea

  1. Very well written prose…. well, i had no such moments in life.
    i liked the way you brought it down. Keep going deep, deep as sleep for the true insight. keep writing!!


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