Lovely chaos


How can I untangle these thoughts of mine?
A beautiful mess
A lovely chaos

How can I make sense of these confusions?
Seamless thoughts
Imagined reality

How do I differentiate fantasy from memories?
Desired outcomes
Unsatisfied wishes

How do I decide the course of action?
Dreadful decisions
Fearful confrontations

How do I choose between perfect alternatives?
Scary what ifs
Uncertain future

How can I do so much at once?
Different priorities
Urgent needs

How do I do it all?
How do I do it right?

Do share your opinions on this poem. They are very appreciated!
Much love 😀

The poem is (c)Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


34 thoughts on “Lovely chaos

    1. I actually wrote this poem when i had to make a life changing decision, one could say. So yes, i am glad you understood the core of this poem! Thank you 🙂
      And i hope this day is good to you.


  1. Hey listen Todo,listen!:P
    This is about the new life-new college ka confusion you’re talking about, is it not?*expectant raised brows*
    I felt this way,and a little more.That’s the reality of life,don’t you think? Every new thing,every new situation freaks us out.We stress over it for months.And when we are faced with the reason for our pathetic condition,we realise it wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be.It isn’t all that bad.Do not fret,girl!You’re gonna be just fine:D

    P.S. Feel free to point out that I was interpreting your words all wrong.I am wrong sometimes,you know.I don’t mind.:P


    1. Haha that is so sweet Akku! :*
      I had written this poem earlier actually.
      I was not that stressed about all of this then.
      But right now, this tension is magnified! Can’t wait for it to get over.
      Hopefully, everything will be fine 🙂
      You are really sweet.
      Your exams got over.
      Yae! 😛


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