Hello, Instagram!

Hello bloggers! Haven’t been keeping in touch, apologies.

So, I’ve finally decided to join Instagram. I’ll be uploading the same content over there, as I upload over here. It’ll just be in a different format.

Drop by to say hello! Also, if you’ve ever had any questions which you’ve wanted to ask but felt shy, ask me on Instagram, without the presence of an audience.

I will be uploading short videos and photographs clicked by me as well. Instagram is a better platform for that, as compared to WordPress.

So, that is it. Looking forward to hearing from you!



How have we humans evolved

Into this society, this structured world

Where we are always on the run

Buildings stand higher than 1000s of me piled together

The sky is a blurry line.

Things make sense to these residents, but I feel a little unknown

Everyone seems knowledgeable

Everyone seems so happy

Maybe it is this network of social media

Or maybe it is the development of minds greater than mine

To unachievable achievable heights.

I lose myself in random musings

Maybe, this world which is so intimidating

Is not the real world

All of it exists just for a moment

This drop will dissolve in the ocean

I will go away into its depths

To be found by no one, to exist nowhere

To just not be, ever again.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


At different points, we belong to different someones

And sometimes, you don’t want to let go

And want to be held on for just a little while more

It felt so good while it lasted

Such few things feel the way this did.

Memories are fresh in me.

It is still not the end, but we are so near to the edge

Would I rush back to the start, when this made sense even though we had not discovered this path?

May be not.

But I would love to be a silent observer again.

Here’s to hoping that more things make this much sense to me

And make me feel human and experience humanity at its best-

Love, separation, vulnerable

This connection that is somewhere getting lost.

~With a heavy heart

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


The week has suddenly accommodated two more days in its belly

Eaten hours and expanded its waist size by two half inches

It burps in satisfaction, lounging on a barely standing chair

A mustard sun shines heavy, a single coconut tree sways to the slow breeze

Squirrel- Two Nuts rushes to cross the road, jumping in his hurry

For one tiny second, he flies and thinks himself Pigeon- Grey Beak. (He is envious of beings with wings and bobbing heads).

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Not mine

This desperation to bring the sky down.

My nails drag across the horizon,

Till this blue slips and pools at my feet

My folded knees sit heavy

On a ground that does not sit still

These clouds and the sun don’t feel like my own

Tonight, the moon didn’t talk back to me

Unlike every other night

The stars came out, but they didn’t show me their smile

My love is here, but at this moment

It is not mine.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I want to add some colour to this pale frame of mine

There is nothing

But skin and a tattoo with three birds flying.

My nails are too pink, I wish they were purple, green or an electric blue

My hair is too brown, I wish it was red, blonde or a shocking white

My clothes are all blue, I wish they were yellow, magenta or a bright orange.

Can I hide behind these colours and relish

In the plainness of me?

Because realisations come slow and difficult

And one where you realise your own ordinary replaceable worth,

What do you do?

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I toil ahead with futile attempts

A pile of exasperated sighs

On which I float each day.

My feet have stopped working

They do not reach the ground anymore.

Folded into neat halves beneath my young body

I go on with this daily life.

It is a race and often I find myself stopping

Bleeding emotions and words on people who are far from mine,

Maybe being automated would be better?

I could serve this capitalist system without any hindrance at all.

I love myself, but sometimes I need a particular kind of love

That is beyond mine to take.

This need to stay in and be with my thoughts

Gather my words and broken loves

A pillow by my side, a pillow beneath my head

And a jar of crushed sighs that sings

Ocean to me.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Inn shabdo ki dhoop ko humne bhi mehesoos kiya hai

Na jaane aapne kis meheboob ke liye likha hai

Apne waqt ko uske soch mein dubaya hai.

Hum yahin samjhenge, ye lafz aapne humko dil mein dabakar

Ek kagaz par utara hai.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


My heart constantly hammers

In the walls of my chest.

Away from my world,

We came and made a world

Of laughs, words, and a little lost love

Many people have dropped

Their stones in the lake of me.

They are me now, even if they don’t know it yet.

This first real taste of broken beautiful unknown humans

Leaves me wanting for more,

How my heart craves to hold time

And for just a few moments,

Never let it go.

~Change is never easy.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


I’m tired from all this running around

In this same piece of land

I exist in twelve different forms

Three days breathe in these twenty five hours put together

Reality broken in many shards

Edges of like minds reflect in my heart.

I converse with me and others about the week

Which was a month

Which was a year

Which was a day

Which was just an hour.

Is this life or a reflection of a far fetched

But fulfilling dream?

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Love is an elusive slippery

String that tangles and knots

In my fingers.

Sometimes it sorts itself out

Sometimes it cuts me and just

Sometimes I cut it off.

People who had a deposit of me

Feel empty and breakable and far too bleak.

New faces I have as mine

But I cannot go till the extent of making them only mine.

Love is an elusive and slippery thing

That does not sit in the cavity of my chest.

It spills through my eyes and sits on my sleeves

This envious eagle always peeks

Claws digging into my own two arms.

I love difficult but full and intense

I love easy, but it hurts as hell

The only love that feels secure

Safe and warm and pure

Sits miles away.

With my soul, giving and hands on my cold arms

I exist in a foreign land

Where love exists, but only in convenient times

And there is an intellectual and mechanical training of my mind.

~insight07 •

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.