Twists and Miracles 

We grow up in years, in wrinkles, in greys

Gather stories with experience and time.

Yet, inside us a child lives

Breathing in moments forever gone.

Fear exhales along with sighs

Sitting caged in my heart.

Words tangled flow in my mind

Knots and knots in thoughts.

Choking on emotion, a cry escapes 

This empty throat of mine.

Each night in darkness, I pay homage

To twists and miracles of time.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.


Some days, they spell a tiredness

That stretches from bones to my being.

Dark sky spreads above me

No darker than my mind.

Moon, she looks down

Lonely, lonely, alone

Together, we contemplate life

Away from the choking crowd.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

Last Day

White sun shines pale in the grey sky

Black clouds gather in mourning 

Steel water reflects on the sadness

Winds rush, whispering.

Dead leaves fall on the ground,

Shades of forgotten sunsets. 

People stand still, transfixed

Lost in their lament.

Screams echo in this deadly silence

Unheard, reverberating in these four walls.
Enclosed, thoughts sit caged in a mind

Waiting to leave behind scars.

Birds fly high, crying in pain

Blood flows in rivulets.

Death fills this ever present void 

With its magnificent presence.

In fear, people move towards each other

Breaths escaping in sighs.

Hearts beating, blood rushing.

They give in to their doom, the very end of life.


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Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved


In this world of billions

Even if

A thousand know me by face

A hundred know my name

A dozen know my being

A couple know my pain

I’m glad to say

I have been in existence 

Amongst monsters, music and morals 

Emotions, wind and the sun

In the form of

A thought, a feeling, a word

I have existed in breaths and heart beats

Moments and memories 

Just a drop of water in the sea of time

A star in this dark void.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.

No more dark 

Each time I breathe in

I’m reminded of my existence 

Each time I breathe out

I’m reminded of the doom hanging over our necks

Ticking clock rushing on

Stops at 2:55 each night

Held down by forces we question 

Humans and their endless quest for answers. 

Cold winds sweep over

Lonely, empty, golden roads

Dogs howl in their need

For attention or motivation? 

Sun peeks from the other side, wondering 

“Is it time for me to come?

Or maybe I’ll come early and wait myself 

Not keep the others waiting?”

Ever so considerate, the moon hides

Behind clouds of human pollution 

Away from human population.

Stars are laid like dreams in the sky

But they too hide themselves 

From the death glare of reality, doom and despair.

Sticky feelings, choking thoughts

Circle my being like hounds

Unwanted glances, blatant stares

Follow me around each time I walk.

Fingers trail, ghosting across my skin 

A thousand feel me with their eyes

Pristine and clean I lie on my bed

Dreaming of unknown known bodies; all lies.

Faces blur, masks are on

Real unreal crowd my thoughts 

I wake up gasping in the darkness

There is no one, but a life that mocks.

Past choking me

Future scaring me

Present sits beside me, laughing. 

All over the place,

Scattered emotions and thoughts

Finding place in people, words, art

Who will help me end this loneliness 

Who will talk to me until it’s no more dark?


A friend clicked the above photograph. 

Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved

Burning pyre

The shadows of lost souls
Falls on the burning pyre
Which pollutes the sky
That was once blue.

The anger and hurt
The grief and pain
Burns, like the lifeless body
Of my dearest sister.

Marks of death and love
Will now scar her body forever
Her skin, a grey pallor
Her nails, still the same.

Tears and cries escape our throat
We hold onto each other for dear life
Love, in its purest form fills me
As I feel my fear realised.


It has been a year
Yet it seems like yesterday
When I last saw you laugh, saw you cry
Because the next day itself, you took away your life.

The pain is still fresh
It burns in my chest
I carry the marks of that red scarf
On my neck as well.

A part of me died with you
Jumped in your burning pyre
Now, I just reflect
On what really matters

Concepts of forever love
Scare and haunt me
Books and movies say something
But the ugly truth is our reality.

Everyday we burn
Extinguishing our love
Until we are nothing, but ashes
That scatter around like the dust.


Copyright ©Devika Todi. All rights reserved.